Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Interview Links for Lisa Chamberlain

New York Times Audio Slide Show
This is an audio slide show to accompany my article on the Garment District (click here to read the Sunday Real Estate piece).

Interview with Journalism Jobs
In Oct. 2001, I was interviewed by about the state of alt-weeklies. As the editor-in-chief of a Village Voice-owned weekly in Cleveland at the time, I was naturally quite optimistic. Not to mention that the pic is really dorky. :-/

Interview with Brian Lehrer, WNYC
Scroll down to “Forever Broke” for an interview about an article I wrote for the New York Observer on the economic misfortunes of Generation X.

Interview with WCPN, Cleveland's NPR station
A transcript and link to audio of an interview about a piece I wrote that was included in Censored 2000 (the “Pulitzers of Alternative Media”). The article examined a theory that Crohn’s disease is caused by a bacterium in milk.