Thursday, June 30, 2005

New York Times Real Estate Articles by Lisa Chamberlain


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SQUARE FEET; Unlikely Dorm Mates at Barnard

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; Preserving History and a 'Fantasy Feeling'

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; Smaller Offices Being Pushed Out of Midtown

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; Drawn to Eastern Tennessee's Natural Beauty

Square Feet; Creating Demand for City Living in Nashville

Times Select Content NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: CHELSEA; A Year in the Life

Times Select Content Square Feet; Recycling a Big Urban Navy Yard

Times Select Content Square Feet; Building a City Within the City of Atlanta

Square Feet; Little by Little, an Overnight Success

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; Old Mills That Aren't Run of the Mill

Square Feet; A Suburban Builder Heads for the City

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; Pressing a Claim for Dutch History

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET: BLUEPRINTS; Going Off the Beaten Path For New Design Ideas

SQUARE FEET; A New Newark Moves Closer to Reality

Times Select Content Square Feet; A Florida City Awaits the Payoff From Its Bet on Condos

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; A Retailing Czar, Looking Out for Mom and Pop

Times Select Content Square Feet; Luring Business Developers Into Low-Income Areas

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; Tax Breaks Drive a Philadelphia Boom

Square Feet; Trying to Build the Grand Central of the West

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; Creating Housing for Teachers

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; The Trade-Offs in Zoning Trade-Offs

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; Filling in a Blank on the New York Skyline

SQUARE FEET; Towers Grow in Downtown Brooklyn

Square Feet; Wanting the Old Main Street Back

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; The Un-Mall on Bleecker Street

Square Feet; Cleveland Pulls Back From the Edge

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; Adobe Gets Its Day In the Sun

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; For Boutique Financiers, Office Space to Match

Times Select Content SQUARE FEET; A Roof Garden? It's Much More Than That

LIVING IN/Kingsbridge, the Bronx; Getting Along in Riverdale's Shadow

SQUARE FEET; Using Feng Shui in Offices and Stores

SQUARE FEET/Union Square Park; Planning the Final Stages Of a Park's Makeover

SQUARE FEET/Garment District; A Fashion Enclave Lets Out Its Seams

SQUARE FEET; Finally, Progress in Restoring Bridgeport's Grandeur

SQUARE FEET; The Underground Economy: Subway Retailing

SQUARE FEET; For Artists, Cheap Studios in Vacant Commercial Space

SQUARE FEET/Downtown Manhattan; A Destination for Serious Eating

SQUARE FEET/East Harlem; A Small Boost for Small Business

SQUARE FEET/The Bowery; New Galleries Set Out To Create a Destination

ASSETS; It Pays to Plant a Street Tree

SQUARE FEET/Lower East Side; A Club for Hundreds of Girls Finds a Permanent Home

SQUARE FEET/Manhattan; For the East Village, A New Retail Face

SQUARE FEET/Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn; Transforming an Unappealing Street

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; Finding a Good Deal In San Francisco

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; In Chicago's West Loop, Real Estate Profits Do Grow on Trees

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES; In Cleveland's Suburbs, New Luxury vs. Old

SQUARE FEET/Bedford-Stuyvesant; 'The Residential Is Hot, But the Commercial Is Not'