Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hot Enough For Ya?

Remember the line at the end of Apocalypse Now, “Oh, the horror! The horror!”? Well, I say, “Oh, the humidity! The humidity!” And yet, as oppressive as the weather has been this summer, it actually feels good to do yoga in a room heated to 110 degrees with scantily clad sweaty bodies whipping up a froth (no, I'm not referring to the real estate market). Yes, it’s Bikram (hot) Yoga on the Lower East Side, the coolest hippest friendliest studio in New York City. A little explanation for Bikram virgins: It’s a series of Hatha yoga postures designed for beginners (although people practice the series for many years and still learn something new every time). Shameless plug: BYLES has an introductory special – the first week costs only $20 and you can go as often as you like. Bonus: Yes, many students look like extras in an Interpol video, but the place couldn’t be any more down-to-earth.
P.S. That's Tricia, director of the studio.