Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yes, It's as Bad as You Thought

For those watching the “redevelopment” of the WTC site, Miss Representation's latest post is not to be missed. See, Miss R. actually went to the public meeting that I posted about recently, and took notes. That is in and of itself quite admirable. But then he actually wrote a very coherent and important take-down of the whole damn thing. Here's just a sampling:

A new -- to me -- and rather disturbing detail was revealed: due to security concerns, the perimeter of the PATH station will be solid concrete up to ten feet (though this number was disputed by Mr. Plate). So the two projects that have cleared design development and security review [the other being the Freedom Tower, otherwise known as monumentum horibilis -- ed.] both will be complete opaque at street level. Which is perhaps good, since it was also noted that streetscape improvements are currently unfunded. ...

This is just ... I just don't know ... I'm just at a loss for words. Having repeatedly named the planning process at the WTC site "breathtaking inanity," that doesn't accurately depict the magnitude of the tragedy here. Can the worst terrorist attack on American soil be turning into the worst redevelopment disaster this country has ever witnessed ... in slow motion, no less? This can't be happening. And yet it is. Read the whole thing here.