Monday, September 26, 2005

Fun With Floats

I’ve been ignoring the Floating Island that has gotten local bloggers all in a tizzy, but this is just too freaking funny. First from Curbed, and then the Times:

Conceptual Floating Art Meets Mocking Meta-Art
Robert Smithson's concept of a Floating Island -- a 30'x90' man-made island towed by a tugboat around Manhattan -- has, after three decades, become reality. Touted as the "anti-Gates," ... Smithson's Floating Island docked yesterday for the last time … conceptual art mash-up narrowly avoided.

From the Times article:

Approaching the [Floating Island] on its starboard side was a small motorboat, affixed to which was a replica of one of the saffron-colored gates created by Christo and Jeanne-Claude that dotted Central Park last winter. Captain Henry remembered "The Gates" and, putting two and two together, he worried that maybe the man in the motorboat was planning on boarding his little version of Central Park and planting a gate somewhere among the trees.