Wednesday, September 21, 2005

No Love for the MTA

Over the next year, MTA is going to install 131 message boards in select subway stations that will tell subway riders the date, time and when the next train is coming. Whoa. Now that's some advanced sh*t. Just for fun, I think the message boards should also flash when and how much the next fare hike will be, how much money MTA has squandered on sweatheart contracts, and how many seconds have gone by since construction on the 2nd Ave. subway was halted three decades ago.

P.S. The NY Post reports that new monitors were announced in the wake of The Permanent Citizen's Advisory Committee issuing a stinging report about MTA's communications system. How about this for an art installation project in select subway stations: Walls of TV monitors playing in a continuous loop that infamous Saturday Night Live skit of MTA personnel making garbled announcements.