Friday, January 13, 2006

Reason to Party: Bubble Not Yet Totally Deflated

As real estate parties go, last night was a fun one. Inman News, Curbed and Craig's list sponsored a post-real-estate-conference shindig at an $11 million Chelsea duplex loft that was packed to the rafters with a bunch of suits who were clearly from out of town by the way they wielded business cards and ogled anything that remotely looked like an available woman. Ahem, did I say fun? Well, yes. The fun part was chatting up Craig, who told Joyce Cohen that the recent profile of him by New York Magazine was about 85 percent accurate. He also mentioned, almost off-handedly, that earlier in the day he gave a speech to State Department people and had his picture taken with "Condi"! And we all known Craig doesn't boast or lie. I hereby officially launch the Craig for President write-in campaign of 2008. But I digress. The party ... drinks were consumed, jokes were cracked, women were ogled (in a Chelsea loft, no less!). Fun was had by all.