Monday, January 16, 2006

Trolley Folleys

Since I'm on a transportation kick, I thought I'd do a little round-up of transportation alternatives that probably won't ever happen, despite people's best efforts.

A piece in the Times yesterday highlighted Arthur Melnick's long-time dream to bring trolley cars back to Brooklyn, and he's identified the East River where the Brooklyn Bridge Park will be as the perfect place to start (these perfectly wonderful and sane ideas always have a semi-fanatical proponent behind them, n'est pas?).

If Mr. Melnick has his wish, they may be revived. In 2002, he formed the nonprofit Brooklyn City Streetcar Company, and he has spent the last three years meeting quietly with community leaders and city officials as a one-man advocate for trolley lines in Brooklyn.

The last trolley rumbled through Brooklyn in 1956, according the article. Maybe the idea would gain traction if it were sponsored by a Brooklyn knish brand รก la Rice-A-Roni.

Another transportation pipedream: Vision 42 has been advocating for an auto-free light rail boulevard along 42nd street for years. A quick check of their website reveals that Maura Moynihan has joined the organization's advisory committee. It would seem the daughter of Daniel Patrick Moynihan would have her hands full getting Penn Station rebuilt at the Farley Post Office to take on another quixotic campaign.

And then there's the Williamsburg Car Free Bedford Avenue idea, which seems to have no legs at all, no pun intended. The website has been under construction for as long as I've been aware of it. Still plenty of cars on BedAve as far as I know:

I wish them all the best of luck! You just never know.