Friday, August 26, 2005

Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for East River Park

Newsday has a feature about the village of Greenport, in North Fork, Long Island, and its ten-year effort to build a waterfront park, and concludes there are lessons for New York City. SHoP architects, who designed Mitchell Park’s second phase, is also working on the East River Park:

The second phase in the greening of Greenport has just been finished, giving the village a showcase of self-effacing modern design and providing a portent of other, grander waterfronts. SHoP, the architectural firm that was formed to complete this project, is developing a master plan for a two-mile esplanade on the Manhattan side of the East River. Some ideas incubated at Mitchell Park may come to roost in New York City.

As we fret over the prospect of every ambitious new plan, it might help to recall that it took the Village of Greenport nearly 10 years, $16 million, half a dozen public agencies and a lot of fractious town meetings to build its little park.

Fractious public meetings, huh? This picture's too pretty to believe it: