Monday, August 15, 2005

I Love New York

On my third anniversary as a New Yorker (actually, I was always a New Yorker, I just didn’t live here until three years ago today), here is a post that typifies why I love New York so much. That is, I could live here the rest of my life and still have a long list of places to discover, old and new.

[Maria] Burks is the first commissioner of the National Parks of New York Harbor, and her mission is to draw attention to the parks and beaches beyond the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. She wants people spotting herons in Jamaica Bay, spiraling up the nation's oldest lighthouse at Sandy Hook, N.J., and climbing around the cannons of Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. The solution to getting them there, she believes, is ferries.

"These parks have been, in the past, divided by the water," said Ms. Burks, sitting outside her office at Fort Wadsworth. "We're saying now we're going to connect them by the water."

Click to enlarge the map of New York Harbor parks. Photo below of Jacob Riis Park in Rockaway taken by Angel Franco for the Times. Isn’t New York grand?