Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Love St. Marks Pl.

I've been meaning to do an extended post about all the little things I love about living on St. Marks Place (like the fabulous tea lattes at Sympathy for the Kettle, near Ave. A). I'll get to my St. Marks love letter eventually (and throw in a few things I don't love so much about it). In the meantime, here's a pic I took this afternoon while on my daily walkabout, which captures one of the more ephemeral reasons I love this street: On any given day or night, there are a million little scenes happening on these three blocks between Astor Place and Tompkins Square Park. This scene happens to be a photoshoot of a pair of shoes taking place outside one of the two buildings that was featured on the Led Zepplin album Physical Graffiti (click to enlarge the pic to see the storefront sign). I feel downtright privileged to be able to walk these blocks and the rest of the E.Vil whenever I feel like it, bearing witness to the froth of commerce and creativity that bubbles up 24 hours a day.