Monday, October 17, 2005

The Gutter Takes on "RoPog"

The Gutter, an architecture blog, in a typical snarky piece, slams Times reporter Robin Pogrebin:

It has long been whispered that Robin Pogrebin, the New York Times' "architecture reporter", doesn't have a whiffof an idea what she's talking about. Now, the whispers can stop: we've got proof. This weekend there was a design charrette in Biloxi... RoPog manages to get through the story without once using the term "New Urbanism," pointing out that Andres Duany lui meme was there preparing the way for a thousand Seasides...

Usually I find The Gutter's take-downs a little underhanded, and this is no exception. But I have to agree with one point: How do you write a story about a design charrette organized by Andres Duany and not say a word about New Urbanism, even if just in passing? I doubt it's because she hasn't heard of it or didn't get that's what the charrette was all about. Nonetheless, it does seem like an odd omission.

I don't know if Mr. Duany keeps up with things here on Polis, but my suggestion is to forget the white picket fence crapola and rebuild the Gulf Coast with amphibious neighborhoods. Now that's some New New Urbanism. See pic below and read more about it here.