Friday, October 07, 2005

The Truth Hurts

It's no secret that the International Freedom Center at the World Trade Center site, like Rafael Vinoly's THINK team lactice work towers, was single-handedly nixed by Gov. George Pataki. If rebuilding Ground Zero fails, the blame will fall directly on him. In today's Times, Richard J. Tofel, a principal in the defunct International Freedom Center, doesn't pull any punches:

"You're not going to have a living memorial in any sense of the word," he says of the revised memorial quadrant, where a 9/11 museum will replace the Freedom Center. "When it opens, everyone will come," he adds ... "but I think the real question is, will anyone not personally connected with it come twice? How will what is going to be put there stand the test of time? I don't think it will."

Me, neither.