Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trader Joe's, Better Late Than Never

I don't know how I missed the news that Trader Joe's -- after much speculation -- finally inked a deal to occupy the ground floor of NYU's Palladium building just off Union Square, especially since I reported the damn story myself for the Times when lease negotiations were still underway. But apparently, this has been a done deal since mid-September, according to NYU's own publication. Not familiar with SoCal grocery store chain Trader Joe's yet? As food writer and lovely individual Joanna Pruess told me for the Times piece: "You have the crunchy granola types and the foodies merging at Trader Joe's." I'm freakin psyched.

Addendum: Curbed has a way of posting items shortly after I've posted on the very same topic, and usually they have better info than I do (which happened twice yesterday, first with 2 Columbus Circle, then with my new favorite arch-blog Tropolism). So, for better, funnier, hipper, more complete info on Trader Joe's, click here.